VC’s Message

“Indian Civil Services, considered the steel frame of the nation’s governance, has fuelled dreams among several generations of Indians. The Indian bureaucracy has commanded great respect both from within and outside the country.

In the face of changing global economic scenario, the nature of Civil Services has undergone fundamental change. From being control and regulation oriented, administration in India is growingly steering towards being development and facilities oriented.

In the recent years Civil Services has attracted a wider pool of talent. To clear the exam the aspirant has to maintain high levels of motivation throughout.

Civil Services does not merely offer you another coveted job; it provides great opportunities to realise your potential and derive satisfaction out of rendering service to the people, thereby effectively serving our nation. Civil Services examination, considered one of the toughest throughout its various stages, tests a candidate’s suitability to the top position of Indian bureaucracy. The candidate is tested for his administrative traits, mental alertness, variety and depth of interest and leadership qualities.

The Civil Services Programme at Mahatma Gandhi University is engaged by highly resourceful, talented and knowledgeable team of faculty. Their guidance and devotion provide emphasis on mind power and skill development to succeed in the examination.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue Civil Services as your career!”

dr. Sabu Thomas

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

Mahatma Gandhi University