Admission Procedure

  • Notification for admission will be  issued in leading dailies and website
  •  Check the  prospectus  for details containing fee structure, eligibility criteria etc.
  • Online submission of application with submission of fee &  certificates.
  • Verification of the application & release of the memo by the Civil Service Institute.

Admission will be based on the marks of the last qualifying examination and an online interview conducted by the Institute. The maximum intake is 70 students.

All reservation norms specified by the Government of kerala is strictly followed for admission.

The age limit for joining the programme is 18-30.

Fee for the programme is Rs.30000/- for General category and Rs. 15000/- for the SC/ST category.

Changes applicable as per programmes.

Components of Evaluation

  • Examinations conducted by Civil Service institute, Mahatma Gandhi university
  • Due to Covid-19 Pandemic Situation, Entrance Examination exempted.
  •  Final rank list will be published after online interview and also considering last qualification examination(score)
  • Academic Score& Online Interview    60(AS) + 40 (OI)


  1. SLMs are prepared by faculties of CSI and external experts
  2. Dispatch of SLMs to students through hardcopy or softcopy
  3. Conducts minimum 1000 hours  of PCP for Major Programmes
  4. Counselling and mock test  sessions
  5. Classes are handled by teachers of CSI and external experts
  6. Weekly feedback system for each program